Studio Brown Bag




Studio brownBag is a full service design firm based in Chicago. We work on residential and commercial projects, everything from small renovations to full scale ground-up designs, including events planning as well as corporate environments designs. We offer our clients exclusive attention by only taking few projects a year so we can focus on the design development of our client needs, making this process a very enjoyable journey for the ones involved.

We aim to surpass expectations with every project and provide unparalleled service, as a result, we work closely with each client and correspond with contractors with thorough attention to detail to produce an exceptional design space.

We offer on site design consultation visits, where we  can discuss what you are looking for, determine which areas you should target first and got to understand your style and needs.
After this meeting we will evaluate and outline the scope of your project and we will create a custom plan based on your objectives and desires to be presented to you.

In the corporate world, we focus in the design of the essence “the Identity" which becomes the idea of the corporate Logo that leads to the development for the Brand identity of the company.